A walk through Verschluckbare Kleinteile – with its diversity of music and musicians. Comments on and explanations of what’s behind the tracks. This is what this series of posts is about.

In this introduction, I will only talk about

General Structure of the Music

The 16 tracks of Verschluckbare Kleinteile can be seen as organized in the following way:

  • Four groups of three tracks, intertwined by a short “filler” between each group.
  • One closing track (the title track).

The walkthrough will thus be organized into four posts, each describing four tracks (for the first three, a group and the following filler, for the last post, the last group and the closing track).

I suggest that while reading through thoses posts, you might just open the album page on bandcamp and listen…

Let the fun begin…


Copyright notice: there’s a lot of photos on the following pages. Generally there’s the rule: the copyright resides with the artist depicted or that artist has a usage right, and has granted that to me. With the pics showing me, it’s typically Mops Moser who did the shot. With the pics of my stuff, it’s typically me who did it.

Also note that this walkthru is through the music. That means that during the following sections, some of the people who greatly contributed to this work of art don’t get a mention, which I’d like to throw in here instead: Anna Bejenke, the series visual lead designer and and album artwork designer, Jens Krauße, who built and photographed the sculpture seen on the front cover, and Simeon Harris, who provided valuable mastering consulting services. Thank you!

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