So I decided to have another look at “Größenordnungen”…

…a suite in five parts which was originally written as solo and duo pieces for the combo of melodica and Warr guitar (or any similar kind of touch guitar). While the first three parts (300K, Lambdapunkt and 30K) got recorded, the Warr guitarist (Raul Bonell) suddenly stopped returning my emails…ah well.

However – the remaining two parts (Tripelpunkt and 3000K) were actually written with a grand piano in mind for the second instrument, so…why not use that?

And while I was working all that, note that there’s a rendition of the Promenade for string orchestra, performed by the Christine Caulfield String Orchestra, which consists of ca. 30 versions of Christine.

Maybe this will be the next release? Until I find out, I leave you with the music (in some cases, more like digital mockups) and the score – enjoy!



300K Lambdapunkt30KTripelpunkt3000K

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