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Here’s the email you’ll need to send to me!

Here it is! The complete set of documents for “Baßtelstube”, together with the cattle call – i.e. I kindly ask you bass players to have a look, and volunteer.

The remaining score to complete the “v01″ score baseline for “Baßtelstube”

Scores (all but one) for “Baßtelstube” are online in v01!

So I decided to have another look at “Größenordnungen”… …a suite in five parts which was originally written as solo …Read the Rest

Progress report on “Baßtelstube”

Composition for this track has been completed – or has it? Discussions with subject matter experts show that it might not be playable by a human. Let’s see what to do next…

“Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren” – Release Notification

I’m happy to briefly announce the release of this series’ second album: Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren on this Corpus Christi, May 30th of …Read the Rest

Artist Tom Emmons aka scatterfilter was so nice to provide a review for the “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” Release!

“Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren” – Update

Update on the progress of “Rückwärtsfließpreßverfahren” – the upcoming #secretalbum release.