So…after I didn’t write anything for quite some time, here’s a new track!

Entitled “Die Kraft der Wassersuppe”, this features a Theremin and a bunch of synths – and no drum stuff.
For performers, I’m thinking of Kevin Kissinger for the theremin (yes! a new addition to the roster!) and Wolfgang Merx aka The Harddrive for either the lead synth or the bass synth part.

So, why don’t you listen to that rough tracking thing right here?



On the composition

There’s two lead voices (a theremin and an anlogue-style synthesizer), a synthesizer bass, and a total of three synth-pad-sounds: one analogue style (think Prophet), one digital style (Wavestation and the like), and one rhythmic (something you do with a step sequencer).

We’re in modal territory, with slow-moving harmonies through the song. It’s an A-A’ structure, and while the A part is the theremin in center stating a theme, the A’ part is mostly taken up by variations using the synth lead voice – and that voice moves through tonalities so much it’s almost chromatic. There’s tricky things in the rhythm, too: mainly it’s a 3/4 (or rather 6/8), which most of the time is counted 2-2-2, only at the end of each part, there’s a 3-3- part (where the bass voice leaves the repeating modal riff) and even a little meter change appended: one bar of 7/8 (counted 3-4) in A, one bar of 9/8 (counted 2-2-5).

The Würzburg connection

I had already mentioned, in one of the recent posts, that I was moving house. This has been done some time ago, but I had already assumed that this would somehow get me out of the music-making flow, if not for the purely creative thing, then for the tech infrastructure. So the short news: MoinSound Studio 3.1 is up and running now for some time already, and now early in Q2, I’m already starting to write songs. More on the moving house and setting the studio up anew thing on my proper blog…

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  • Cobo says:

    Schön und angenehm zu hören.
    Ich hoffe aber doch, daß Du Dich nicht von Wassersuppe ernährst!
    Heute nach war bei uns ein wunderbarer Vollmond und bis Mittag war es auch ganz schön, aber brrrrr kalt
    Grüße von den kalten Alpen

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