The first reviews for “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” are coming in…

This is a pareto article. 95% of it are of interest only for 5% of the readers. Luckily for you, the 5% of the information for most of you are in the first section – which tells you which format you should get of the #secretalbum releases (which will be distributed via bandcamp).

It’s there! 12-12-12! The first release in the #secretalbum project, “Verschluckbare Kleinteile”, has been published.

Some thoughts on the “no budget” business model for #secretalbum – and also kind of an explanation.

“Verschluckbare Kleinteile” – the prerelease is here!

It’s done! The fan-only prerelease for “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” has been completed – and you already should’ve received your download codes via email. While you start listening – why don’t you read through some things I’d like to tell you?

Verschluckbare Kleinteile – Statistics

Some ugly data about the upcoming first #secretalbum release.

Picture Gallery: The CW41 Editing Session

Pics from the cw41 editing/mixing sessions…

An Update to the Album Strategy – IMPORTANT

This may very well be the most important post since that album project started. No, it doesn’t get cancelled. But some things get changed.

Another update to the plan…
Can it be done in time? What are the project risks? And most importantly: when will it be done?

Starting of year two of this project, I’m proud to announce a new addition to the roster: double bass player Todd Matthews.