Ok, it’s finally there. Just after the album cover has been finished with JIT logistics, the first #secretalbum release has been completed.

<a href=”http://secretalbum.bandcamp.com/album/verschluckbare-kleinteile” _mce_href=”http://secretalbum.bandcamp.com/album/verschluckbare-kleinteile”>Verschluckbare Kleinteile by Rainer Straschill</a>

You can find it here, and the public release announcement is here.

Apropos public.

Starting now, this blog is no longer secret – which means you may now also tell others about it, and link to posts etc.

So it’s up to you now – spread the word!

Some unneccessary facts:

  • this is my shortest release so far (the second-shortest was the limited release Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen with some 26 minutes).
  • It’s also the one with the biggest number of tracks…
  • …and the biggest number of collaborators (22). That’s by far more than my 75-minute-long 1997 release JANUS.
  • Speaking of JANUS and collaborators: three of the folks (Eppelsheim, Kremer and Schlickhorn) were already present on JANUS.
  • I tried a lot of things.
  • Now I’m tired.

Finalizing Verschluckbare Kleinteile

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