First track for 2013: Baßtelstube – “Jenny und die Nerds”

The first track for 2013 – and the second track for the “Baßtelstube” release – Jenny und die Nerds!

The second track to get written this Easter weekend, it’s something for theremin again.

Only a quick post: I wrote a new track today, featuring Theremin and a bunch of synths. Also, this is the first track I’ve written in Würzburg.

Größenordnungen 30K: the slow and quiet track from the suite

Here’s the manuscript for “Größenordnungen: 30K” – the first part of the three-piece suite for melodica and warr guitar.

“Größenordnungen” – a new suite, and its first track.

I had this suite in my mind for some time – but it started to materialize when I was discussing a collaboration with Warr guitarist Raül Bonell…this is the second part of “Größenordnungen”, subtitled “300K”.

A first vocal-centric track “Grüner Frosch, schwarzer Mops”

Well not exactly vocal-centric as in “with lead vocals” – but there’s a five-voice vocal section which even Richard Strauß might be proud of. Further components include cello and glockenspiel, and then there might be some synth, and either a harmonica or a melodica?

Still not a proper title for this track – but at least, there’s now a properly performed sax part in it.

From Firenze Festival: “Drammetal” (featuring Fabio Anile)

A new track – which came into shape when at the end of my set at Firenze Loopfest, I invited Fabio Anile back onstage to play a little diddy with me.

New Track: “No Tango”

Tracks on this album continue to get even shorter – as a contrast to the 90-second-long “Aqua Negra”, here’s one that clocks in at 1.4 seconds…and originally comes from a MoinSound Studio Session

“Aqua Negra” – from the Eclectic Blah archives

This track is 7.5 years old, is an edit of the coda of a 12-minute-track, and brings back nice memories of Eclectic Blah and Salon Erna. The highlight for me here is the drumming – read on for details!