Ok, here’s some numbers, some statistical, some interesting, some just…numbers

Track Lengths

If you remember, one of the original goals of the #secretalbum project was to work with short tracks – and “short” was defined as “equal to or less than 90 seconds”. As a reminder, here’s the link to some numbers from previous albums.

  • Here, the average effective running time is 53.4 seconds. To put that in perspective: the average for Torture Garden by John Zorn is 37.5 seconds. The average of all my preceding albums is 401 seconds.
  • The maximum is 89,
  • the minimum is 16.

To accompany this info, here’s a little histogram:


Track Length Histogram

Track Length Histogram

Musicians and Instruments

Another project goal was to work with many musicians, and to exclude myself from playing as much as possible. Let’s see how this worked:

  • There’s a total of 17 musicians performing on 16 tracks (or 1.06 per track on average).
  • The maximum number of musicians per track is 4 (Bottom Freezer), the minimum is 1.
  • There’s 3 tracks where I don’t play myself.
  • The maximum of different instruments per track is 5 (of course, this depends how you count…).
  • The most-used instrument is synthesizer (appearances on 9 tracks).
  • The bass-player group is the biggest (5) – this is shared among double bass (2), bass guitar (2) and synth bass (1).


As promised, some odd numbers:

  • the whole range of macrodynamics of the album is found within a single track: Mein Lieblingsmetzger has a macrodynamic range of >22dB – i.e. the loud passage is more than twelve times as loud as the quiet one.
  • By the authority of WaveLab, the mixdowns have an apparent bit depth between 30 and 40 bit. Yes, it makes sense for you to get the 24bit FLAC files.
  • The frequency range extends slightly below 30Hz.
  • The way a DAW counts this, the most complex track is Wehtgetan with 82 tracks.
  • In that realm, the most simple track is Halbwegs Leer (one double-tracked guitar).



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