I first met Daryl Shawn, if only virtually, as part of my kybermusik project of realtime internet collaborations. If memory serves right, he got onboard at my parallel event to the Y2K6 International Live Looping Festival Santa Cruz. Since then, we’ve been in contact: he played on my kybermusik: Quelques Papiers D’abord album, he participated in the two kybermusik festival events during my 2008 world tour, and he also did some cool reviews of some of my albums.

“Virtual Baggy Pants” (featuring Daryl Shawn)

McFaddin/Hartung/Good/Shawn live at kybermusik BEMFIII

From what I knew of Daryl’s activities, I had always assumed he was only active in very experimental acoustic guitar playing (whatever that means) and what he refers to as “cassette abuse” (whatever that may mean). However, just recently, Daryl mentioned on his twitter feed work on a singer-songwriter kind of project. I immediately was interested: an experimental guy to boot is doing normal stuff? And if so, would he be willing to play some normal stuff for the #secretalbum?

“Body of a Poet” by Daryl Shawn

It turns out that yes – Daryl Shawn has agreed to come aboard this project. I’m really looking forward to working with him again, albeit in a much different context.

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