Verschluckbare Kleinteile...This was a lot of work. But now, the prerelease for Verschluckbare Kleinteile has been completed. By now, you readers should already have gotten your individual download codes via email – if not, please let me know!

First things first – this thingie below is to make use of your download code!

Enter your download code:

With all the documentation so far, there’s not that much that I want to tell you – but there’s still some things that I need to tell you. So here goes, right below the notorious player…

1. About this Prerelease

This is a prerelease, and it will differ in some detailed aspects from the final release – scheduled for 12-12-12.

  • a “Hammer guitar” part by Neil Alexander will be added to Promenade,
  • Wehgetan will receive an acoustic hihat part,
  • the mastering details might change if something comes up,
  • cover art is in an early mockup stage right now – this will change the most.

The release is supplied in two audio formats: 44.1kHz/16 bit MP3 (in individual files) and 48kHz/24bit as a single FLAC (together with replication sheet, if you want to create individual tracks out of this). This means for you:

  1. If you want to give it a quick spin on your mp3 player, use the individual MP3 files,
  2. If you’re for audiophile listening, take the big FLAC (you know you want to!),
  3. If you want something “in between”, e.g. individual 320kbps 48kHz MP3, start from the FLAC and replication sheet, and use your own tools.

2. What I want from you

Feedback! For simple feedback (especially regarding mastering, because this is something that can still be changed for the final release) I’m always happy, and I suggest you use the comment function below.

If you want to write a review – that would be more than fantastic (I know some of you, like Thomas Mathie, do great reviews)! I’d like to ask to postpone publishing the review until December 12th (that’s when the proper release will take place, remember? 121212!).

Also if you know someone who should have this prerelease (like: I’d more than welcome additional reviewers!) – send me an email, and I’ll give them a d/l code.

3. What I really want from you…

Enjoy the album! And be proud of yourselves! You’re all part either of this #secretalbum project or of my (very tiny) fan base, so in a way, you’re all part of this becoming what it is – a rather odd, but still accessible, and most of all beautiful album! Thanks so much!


  • Guido says:

    Dear Rainer,

    fantastic stuff, beautiful. So many musicians are part of the album and every song is quite different.
    I like the cover art :-) .
    HiHat for ‘Wehgetan’ will be recorded at home (bought a Presonus FireStudio Mobile recently).
    I don’t know if Sal Pichireddu has become the prerelease already (twitter follower of you),
    but he should. He writes reviews since ’95 (Schalplattenmann, Blogs, Progrock-dt mailing list..).


  • secretalbum says:

    Thanks for the nice words, Guido. And thanks for your contribution to “A Dance Song” (btw, I think the bass drum sounds fantastic the way we did it) and the upcoming part for “Wehgetan”. I’ll be in touch regarding details.

    As for Sal: I’m quite sure he hasn’t become the prerelease (although Werner Heisenberg might add that I can’t be 100% sure), but I’m also quite sure he hasn’t received it ;-P.

    I’ll be sure to contact him via twitter.

  • ponor says:

    Hi There Rainer… just about to download… so writing to thank you as I do so : )….Like the art work – but you say it will change.. wonder if that’s the text… or?….I’ll try to be back around later when I’ve had a chance to listen and digest… :) thanks again !

    • secretalbum says:

      Hi Linda,
      as for the changes: Anna is still in the process of defining the generic design concept for the #secretalbum series, so this might be adapted to fit in. What will not change is the front page (although some small colour changes in the logo on the top right are possible).

      Speaking of cover art – I might contact you soon regarding the upcoming “RĆ¼ckwƤrtsflieƟpreƟverfahren” release (nice German word, eh?)

      Enjoy the digestive process!


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