Here’s the email you’ll need to send to me!

Here it is! The complete set of documents for “Baßtelstube”, together with the cattle call – i.e. I kindly ask you bass players to have a look, and volunteer.

The remaining score to complete the “v01″ score baseline for “Baßtelstube”

Scores (all but one) for “Baßtelstube” are online in v01!

Progress report on “Baßtelstube”

Composition for this track has been completed – or has it? Discussions with subject matter experts show that it might not be playable by a human. Let’s see what to do next…

First track for 2013: Baßtelstube – “Jenny und die Nerds”

The first track for 2013 – and the second track for the “Baßtelstube” release – Jenny und die Nerds!