The Project

The Janus Project is the title of my most ambitious project so far. While I have been working on the project (my first own album since Best of... in 1992), several things have happened to me - musically and personally, which are audible on the album: the album contains a wide variety of musical styles and influences, plus the added musical ideas of several guest artists.
This page provides information the musical material contained, the persons involved, as well as details about the production process !

With time, the information on this site concerning JANUS has grown steadily, and fills four separate pages:

  • The Janus Main Page (this page) contains general information about the project, personell information with pictures, technical details and comments on the songs contained. This page also links to the sub-pages.
  • The Janus History Line contains a detailed listing of the genesis of this ambitious project - from the first writing rehearsal for Loisachtal to the final mastering at Duschl´s.
  • The Janus Sample List informs about the samples contained on Janus - and can also be seen as a list of recommendations for music to listen to if you appreciate the material on Janus...
  • The Janus Flipsides does not only shed some light on the background of the five-year-spanning Janus project, it also discusses a fictive recording made up of pieces created during the Janus production period.

With the official date of 1st of December 1997, JANUS has been released officially (with only smallest festivities held in Hamburg). Currently I'm working on an "official" way for you to order copies - until then, just mail me if you're interested !

I urge you to listen to the sound clips available in the Songs section. Any feedback will also be appreciated.

The Equipment

The following gear has been used for the recording of The Janus Project:

  • Main Sequencer/HD Recorder: P100/80MB EDO RAM, SCSI2, Disks IBM DPES 1GB, Quantum Atlas 4GB, Tape Conner DAT
  • Assts. Sequencer: i386/25, 8MB RAM, IDE Disks Seagate 127MB and 540MB
  • Software: Cakewalk 2.00C, Cubase 3.03/Windows, CoolEdit 1.51, SoundForge 4,0, EasyCD Pro
  • Sound Cards: Turtle Beach Tropez/12 MB RAM, SPEA Media F/X 16
  • Synthesizers: Kawai K-1, Roland MT-32, Proteus 1+/XR
  • Effectors: DigiTech StudioQuad, Boss/Roland SE-50, Behringer Composer
  • Console: Behringer Eurorack MX 2642
  • Fourtrack: Fostex 280, syncronized by Anatek PocketSync
  • Monitoring: T&A SYM2 Speaker w/ AKAI AM-55 Amplifier, EsCOM Nearfield, AKG K270 and K400 Headphones
  • Tape Master: Aiwa HD-S1000 DAT, using Marantz PMD601's ADCs
  • Microphones: Shure Proloque 14L, Behringer XM2000, Aiwa C200 Stereo
  • Mastering: Philips CDR 2600

For further details, see the Moinlabs Studio Info