Quelques Papiers D'Abord

About The Album

When the kybermusik project started in 2005, it was already a clear thing that this series of improvised sessions and concerts bringing together artists from literally all over the world would eventually lead to an album release on Moinlabs.
By mid-2007, kybermusik had already produced a pool of recorded material containing more than ten hours of music, spanning all the range from jazzy instrumental duets to crazy noise collages and including artists from all parts of Europe, the US, and Mexiko.

"Quelques Papiers D'Abord" is the first release of selections from this pool - and in the case of this album, the more melodic, if sometimes even danceable tracks.

The Music

The introductory Below this Sneppah features Brian Good (OH/USA) on soprano sax, accompanied by Rainer's mix of looped guitar, synthesizers and effect work. Actually, while Brian also played sax-controlled synthesizers and effects during this session from July '06, due to a technical mistake only his unprocessed soprano sax was audible on Rainer's end - making for a beautiful contrast between his organic tone and melodies and Rainer's electronic counterpart.

A track from the first realtime internet collaboration in front of a live audience (Walpurgis Night 2006), recorded with Straschill playing at Salon Erna in Munich and Krispen Hartung (ID/USA) on electric guitar and effects and Rick Walker on tambourine, bodrhan and dumbek joining from Santa Cruz/CA in the US, Advantages in Freeform Breeding is the most "acoustic" sounding  track of the entire album. "We had a hard time understanding the rhythm and meter Rick was playing in that tune", Straschill remembers from this concept - obviously, the beautiful 2-2-2-3 against 3-3-3 rhythm in the last part shows that in the end all of them did understand.

Krispen Hartung, who had been instrumental in establishing the concept of kybermusik due to his involement in even the first technical POC sessions is also heard on Aspirin Age, adding heavily effected and looped electric guitar, while again Straschill and his "komische Elektronik" are responsible for everything else (including use of granular sample processing using sounds from porno flics). Starting off in soundscape territory, the tune moves quickly into some fierce 2-step rhythm and with that, this track from April 23rd of 2006 may well be the first dance track played live over the internet.

The Milkey Way is an edit from a lengthy session, incorporating two electric bass players, namely Charlie Milkey (NY/USA) on four-string-bass, effects and loops and Straschill, who this time relies heavily on the sonic power of his six-string "weirdbass". As the edits were accomplished during Straschill's 2006 stay in the Anatolya region of Turkey, the titles for the individual tracks were almost a logical choice.

The album ends with another beat-oriented selection - and the title Virtual Baggy Pants clearly suggests that it's down-tempo. Straschill (focusing on drum programming, synth bass lines and sparse electric guitar) is here joined by Os (England), a synthesizer specialist and music software developer and Daryl Shawn (Mexico), who combines his nylon-string guitar with realtime "hardware bending" of cassette recorders and dictaphone, jokingly referred to as "cassette abuse".

The map of "Quelques Papiers D'Abord" (Moinlabs HQ in green, kybermusik server in blue)

How to get it

The album is available as a digital album download from bandcamp via the player on the left, or directly here. Small hardcopy quantities (together with stunning cover artwork) will be available for sale at Straschill concerts!