Surreal Spaces

Another Space

The MoinSound Studio Sessions have left a diverse and wide (and sometimes, wild) field of recorded material - all in all, some 40 or so hours.


Of course, some of this is crap. Then there's a multitude of small gems, hidden in all those recordings. And finally, there's session that, while the individual "tracks" aren't completely stellar, work well as a whole.

Surreal Spaces

Surreal Spaces is one example of the latter recorded during one session in October of 2010.

Bringing the sources of guitar, melodica, soprano saxophone and voice together with a hardware processing setup, this is what I maybe would like to call "slightly disturbing chamber music".

This recording then remained in storage for quite some time - or almost three years, to be precise.

2013 saw the production force going through old recordings, rediscovering this session, and marking it for future consideration. That was also when the name Surreal Spaces was conceived (owing again to the odd things Eventide's Eclipse has a tendency of inflicting onto unsuspecting audio signals).

The actual release was made a minimum-effort affair: instead of the usual intricate booklets, long blog articles, this was just the three audio master files, a square bitmap (bringing into view the elements of guitar, melodica and stompboxes), and a short tweet.

The actual release date ended up to be June 9th of 2014 - or three years and eight months after the original session.

How to get it

The album is available as a digital album download from bandcamp via the player on the left, or directly here.

Note that you should really get the download - it features some fancy PDF booklet not available anywhere else.


Credits & Acknowledgements

The artist would like to acknowledge all those followers who have continued to follow the bi-weekly MSSS, no matter what he threw at them, and that for a period of two years straight.