Another old new track: “Sunshine Biscuit”, featuring Krispen Hartung

Recycling old material: this one’s from my y2k6loopfest headlining appearance

Two further tracks – recycled sketches from my personal archives.

“Klingelton” revisited

The second track to be recorded – actually, an old sketch, just done in better quality…

First Track: something with a synth and a soprano sax

The first track has been recorded.

First ideas for songs to use manifest themselves…

First ideas on a working title for the #secretalbum.

The beginning of the #secretalbum

During my drive to Nürburgring Nordschleife, I was listening, after a long time, to a very beautiful, if somewhat aggressive album: Torture Garden by Naked City – read how that led to the idea of the #secretalbum.