Another update to the plan…
Can it be done in time? What are the project risks? And most importantly: when will it be done?

The second track to get written this Easter weekend, it’s something for theremin again.

Only a quick post: I wrote a new track today, featuring Theremin and a bunch of synths. Also, this is the first track I’ve written in Würzburg.

Starting of year two of this project, I’m proud to announce a new addition to the roster: double bass player Todd Matthews.

Another great addition to the already impressive lineup

CW42 status report


It’s coming along well! More status on the #secretalbum project.

Here’s a new track which, according to my current plans, will in several variations form some kind of building block to organize the individual tracks of the album – and is aptly called “Promenade”.

Größenordnungen 30K: the slow and quiet track from the suite

Here’s the manuscript for “Größenordnungen: 30K” – the first part of the three-piece suite for melodica and warr guitar.

“Größenordnungen” – a new suite, and its first track.

I had this suite in my mind for some time – but it started to materialize when I was discussing a collaboration with Warr guitarist Raül Bonell…this is the second part of “Größenordnungen”, subtitled “300K”.

CW30 status report


Read up on the progress of this album project – including the topic of a possible release date, and pricing of the finished product