First track for 2013: Baßtelstube – “Jenny und die Nerds”

The first track for 2013 – and the second track for the “Baßtelstube” release – Jenny und die Nerds!

Buy one (other) Straschill album, get “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” free! The fun thing here is: the albums you need to buy to qualify are pay-what-you-want (including free)!

The first reviews for “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” are coming in…

This is a pareto article. 95% of it are of interest only for 5% of the readers. Luckily for you, the 5% of the information for most of you are in the first section – which tells you which format you should get of the #secretalbum releases (which will be distributed via bandcamp).

In this last part of the walkthrough, we’ll take a look at “Wehgetan”, “The Usual Bavarian Approach to Electronics”, “Sid’s Impeccable Design”, and the title track closing the album.

In this post, we go through the succesion of the “Bela-Paul-Gustav” tracks, and the trailing “Halbwegs Leer”.

In this post, I’ll shed some light on the tracks Promenade, Die Kraft der Wassersuppe, A Dance Song and Ursus Maritimus

We now take a closed look at Shalom Sister, An Expensive Name for Frozen Water, Bottom Freezer and Aqua Negra.

A Walk Through “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” – Introduction (1/5)

Here’s a walk through the “Verschluckbare Kleinteile” release – starting with an introduction.

It’s there! 12-12-12! The first release in the #secretalbum project, “Verschluckbare Kleinteile”, has been published.