Another great addition to the already impressive lineup

CW42 status report


It’s coming along well! More status on the #secretalbum project.

CW30 status report


Read up on the progress of this album project – including the topic of a possible release date, and pricing of the finished product

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

CW21 update

CW21 update

Short update again…

Note that I’m not that productive right now as in CW16/17, where I took vacation/FTO. The higher workload right now doesn’t keep me from coming up with ideas, however.

No new tracks recorded or written (but at least, one sketched out yesterday in bed). Still, progress was made: there will be further guest artists on the #secretalbum!

First ideas for songs to use manifest themselves…

First ideas on a working title for the #secretalbum.

The beginning of the #secretalbum

During my drive to Nürburgring Nordschleife, I was listening, after a long time, to a very beautiful, if somewhat aggressive album: Torture Garden by Naked City – read how that led to the idea of the #secretalbum.